Friday, November 30, 2012

Mets, Wright agree to massive contract extension

The day has finally come. 

The Mets and David Wright have agreed to a contract extension that will keep the third-baseman in Queens for the next eight years (Including the 2013 season.) It is a 7 year, $122 million deal according to Ed Coleman of WFAN, but can be considered an 8 year, $138 million deal because the 2013 club option is being included. 

Wright was drafted by the Mets in the 2001 draft, as a supplemental pick for the loss of free agent Mike Hampton. He has hit .301 with 204 home runs in 5,453 plate appearances with New York since he made his MLB debut in 2004. He is clearly the face of the franchise, and leads the franchise is most offensive categories.

I understand that some Mets fans want Wright here, and some see flaws in his game that could really hurt him down the road. Bottom line is, there is no chance that he is getting traded now, so let's just look forward. I am one of those fans who is a Wright lover and will always support him through the good times and the bad. The guy is my favorite player, and I grew up idolizing him. 

I feel like this move was driven by the Mets fans' impatience to rebuild, and honestly, you can't blame them. Trading Wright made sense from a small-market team perspective, but this is NEW YORK. I hope that this deal doesn't grid-lock the Mets' payroll for year's to come, and I don't think it will -- well at least not yet. 

So, now that Alderson accomplished this task, he can cross it off his to-do list. However, he still has quite a bit of work to still do. The whole R.A. Dickey situation still has to play out, and it sounds like Dickey is being reasonable with his price. If the Mets trade him, they better get blown away with an offer because I don't know how happy I'll, as well as many other Met fans, will be if he gets dealt. Another issue that needs to be addressed is the catching and outfield situation. I wonder if this means that Wilmer Flores is as good as gone now, considering that every one of his positions is being occupied on the depth chart. I wouldn't mind seeing him packaged in a deal that could bring in some offense.

Overall, it is nice to see that this organization is going in the right direction. Locking up Wright will ensure that they have an above-average third baseman for the next few years (at least) and give them an icon for the franchise. 

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